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2 days

About the Course

This specialization course takes the best of individualised personal training and group fitness so that you can positively impact more clients in less time. You will learn the skills and methods needed for designing and delivering a successful group personal training experience,  whether that’s just two clients or more than 10 in a single time slot. We are confident you will be able to create fun and engaging warm-up drills, dynamic and challenging routines for all fitness levels, and tips to foster togetherness of your participants to forge your very own community. This also increase your client impact and revenue possibilities all in the same time slot with group personal training. 

Course Objectives

  • To introduce the fundamentals of running a group training program (be it small or large) to new and/or experienced fitness trainers.

  • To equip the trainer with the essential tools needed to set-up, design and deliver an effective group personal training program.

  • To provide the trainers with tools to build their group personal training business and to turn their clients into their best ambassadors.

Course Outline

1.      What is Group Personal Training, and how it can be a sustainable model for PT’s

2.      Try-Out: Experience A Group Training Session!

3.      Plug & Play Warm-Ups

4.      Bodyweight Circuit Ideas - Learn to do and coach bodyweight circuits scaled across all fitness levels

5.      Team Games and Challenges  - Learn workouts that are designed to foster teamwork, and inject healthy competition in your group

6.      SAQ-H: Speed, Agility and Quickness Hybrid circuits using cones and speed ladders.

Clients LOVE it!

7.      Timed Fitness Test For Your Group

8.      HOW: Designing memorable 60-min sessions.

9.      The Art of coaching an Effective Group Training Session - Learn the key skills in coaching a group, which include voice projection, body language, group cueing ability and spatial awareness.

10.  Creating Brand Awareness

Your Instructor

Simran Latif

Simran Latif

A fitness professional that started his career in Australia, and built his craft in Malaysia since 2008.
An experienced group fitness coach (both virtually and on-field), events operations leader, personal trainer and educator.

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