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4 hours

About the Course

This course offers improved exercise techniques and programming strategies to achieve aesthetically pleasing glutes with complete muscle development. In today's sedentary lifestyle, a lack of mind-muscle connection can inhibit gluteal muscle development. Understanding and addressing issues related to inactive glutes is essential for maximizing training results.

Course Highlights:

  • Assessment of glute shape (square, round, heart, and inverted) and solutions for improvement

  • Exercise programming for complete gluteal muscle development, including function, exercise technique and intensity, volume, and frequency

  • Exercise selection and troubleshooting

  • Glute training programs for entry-level, beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercisers

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn about glute anatomy

  2. Learn effective exercise techniques to target the gluteal muscles

  3. Develop progressive hypertrophy programs for gluteal muscles

Course Outline:

  • 30 minutes: Glute Anatomy (Theory)

  • 90 minutes: Exercise Techniques (Practical)

  • 60 minutes: Gluteal Programming (Theory)

  • 60 minutes: Glute Programs (Practical)

This course is beneficial for fitness professionals and strength and conditioning professionals who are looking to refine their glute training techniques and programming for complete muscle development.

Your Instructor

Jerrican Tan

Jerrican Tan

the Founder/ Managing Director of Fitness Edutraining Asia (FEA), Co- Founder/Managing Director of Fitness Innovations Malaysia (FITM) and Fitness Edutrainer of Asia (FEA). FEA develops and offers international standard, applied and affordable fitness education courses for fitness professionals in Asia. FITM is a Fitness Professional Development Centre in Malaysia (ACE Education Partner in Malaysia) who offers FEA Branded Courses and other international brands. Through FITM and FEA, Jerrican leads and contributes to the development of experienced fitness professionals to become fitness educators.

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