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CFP Fitness Instructor - Module 1




4 days

About the Course

In CFP Module 1 - Fitness Instructor (Exercise Coaching), participants will learn how to coach clients in performing exercises based on principles of stability, mobility, and functional movements. The programme emphasizes developing students' skills in providing clear and effective instructions for exercise set-up and execution, as well as their ability to evaluate movements. The programme will introduce participants to the FEA A.C.T Resistance Training Method, which outlines how coaches should progressively advance their clients' exercises.

The programme provides participants with a comprehensive library of exercises for each basic movement categorized by difficulty level. This resource empowers fitness practitioners to suggest specific exercises that are best suited for their clients. For cardiorespiratory training, participants will learn about the FEA 4 Zones Cardiorespiratory Training Model, which allows them to select a training modality tailored to their clients' needs and goals. Furthermore, participants will acquire the essential components of a workout session, including how to plan enjoyable and purposeful routines for beginner, intermediate, and advanced clients, based on applied exercise science and internationally recognized training guidelines

Why Should You Consider This Course?

• Earn your fitness certification and get internationally recognised.

• Get trained on Exercise Coaching and Personal Training with a strong emphasis on practical skills and job training.

• Discover the right training and nutrition strategies to suit a diverse clientele.

• Enjoy higher passing rates for American Council on Exercise (ACE) and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer exam.

• Learn safe and effective exercise techniques and guidelines to ensure the safety of your clients.

• Become eligible to join the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) and get listed on their member directory featuring registered fitness professionals from more than 40 different countries.

What Is the Course Outcome?

Module 1 – Fitness Instructor (Exercise Coaching)

• Introducing exercise name and purpose

• Demonstrating exercise based on the principles of stability-mobility

• Explaining set-up position and execution of exercises

• Being able to observe, evaluate and correct exercise techniques

• Being able to suggest exercise modifications

• Progressing and regressing exercises

• Effectively coaching a beginner client to perform exercises

• Designing a general exercise session

What Are the Topics Covered?

In Module 1, you will learn Exercise Coaching, which includes coaching clients on exercises based on the principles of stability and mobility, as well as functional movement from fundamental to complex exercises. You will be able to suggest the exercise that best fits your client's needs. The topics covered in this module include:

• Professional roles

• Principles of fitness, exercise guidelines, and techniques

• Stability and mobility and functional movement training

• The exercise movement hierarchy - progression of client's movement patterns

• Exercise coaching - set-up and execution cues, movement evaluation

• General workout structure

• Cardiorespiratory training

• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator (CPR and AED) (only in Malaysia)

Your Instructor



This course is the brainchild of Jerrican Tan, CSCS, NSCA-ACE-NASM CPT, NASM CES, ACE MESHC-
GFI, FEA Founder. Jerrican has been a master instructor of the ACE Personal Trainer
Course for the past 16 years and has vast experience in training and developing personal
trainers in Asia. He is also the Managing Director of FITM, a training and development centre
for fitness professionals based in Malaysia and he serves as industry advisor for multiple
universities in Malaysia that offers sport science-related graduate programmes

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