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HIIT Instructor Training


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About the Course

HIIT has created a craze among social media and social groups alike for its impressive effects on one’s physical appearance and fitness performance. But, are you performing TRUE HIIT to be able to enjoy its benefit? Is HIIT for everyone? Are you curious to know how to design a safe and effective HIIT workout that your clients will keep coming back for your programme? If yes, this course is for you! Join us and learn the science behind a successful and effective HIIT programme; from energy system, exercise selections, volume and intensity, to program variations and modifications.


  • Science behind HIIT – how do you lose weight with HIIT?

  • 20 ready to use, science-based, effective HIIT workouts

  • Exercise videos – with regular updates for more exercise ideas

  • We tell you how to select the right exercises, right work rest ratio so you no longer need to rely on mobile apps!


  • Design and lead your own HIIT session

  • Learn a variety of HIIT modalities to suit different clientele

  • Learn exercise choices to be used in your HIIT session

Your Instructor

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