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Hyperblade Fundamentals




1 day

About the Course

Are you looking for a new method to decrease muscle hypertonicity, promote muscle fiber growth, reduce lactic acid build up, decrease stiffness and sore muscles, and get yourself or your clients back into action – fast? Are you looking to add another method to your foam rolling skills, trigger point therapy, stretching, and all the recover tools out in the market?


Your Clients almost never come to a training session free of symptoms of muscle tightness, limited range of motion, and even pain brought on by the demands of daily living. Learn how you can apply the skills taught in our Hyperblade Fundamental Course during your client’s warm up session to restore motion in preparation for a fully charged workout session with you!

What you will Learn.

Highly Interactive 8 Hour Workshop that teaches direct application protocols of the Hyperblade results that your clients can immediately experience. 

  • Learn the correct Hyperblade protocols for every joint, muscle, and connective tissue in the body using the different areas of the blade for different body regions and tissue types             ​

  • Learn proper pressure, placement, angles, length and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of the Hyperblade​                     

  • Learn how to combine patient activemotion with the Hyperblade to mobilize your clients before your PT session and post session recovery.                       ​

  • Learn and understand the safety protocols and contraindications of using the Hyperblade when working clients with different conditions and backgrounds

Your Instructor

Steven Chew

Steven Chew

Steven teaches BodyHacks and Hyperblade Fundamentals for Fitness Academy Asia. He is also FAA's Founder and Owner.

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