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Myofascial Decompression




1 day

About the Course

Myofascial Decompression is currently being used in the athletic communities by therapists to aid athletes in their recovery. Also known as cupping in many Asian cultures, applications of MFD go beyond the traditional belief that toxins are released from the body using fire and suction cups. Current applications of Myofascial Decompression include the myofascial release of resistant muscle knots, increases blood circulation, and freeing up fascial and releasing trigger points.


Unlike traditional muscle therapy where muscles are pushed and compressed such as sports massage, active release, or pin and stretch techniques, Myofascial Decompression is able to lift and decompress the tissues beneath the skin to allow for the freeing of Adhesions and promote blood flow

What you will learn

  • How to apply proper pressure, cup size, cup placement on the neck and shoulder region

  • How To deal with cupping marks and when to use lubricants for better results 

  • Both Passive Applications where clients are stationary, as well as active applications where clients are required to move for better results

  • Dynamic movement, motion, lymphatic, sliding, single cup, multiple cup, nerve entrapment 

  • Post application exercises that targets myofascial lines that influences the neck and shoulders

Your Instructor

Steven Chew

Steven Chew

Steven teaches BodyHacks and Hyperblade Fundamentals for Fitness Academy Asia. He is also FAA's Founder and Owner.

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