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You're a personal trainer who enjoys helping people get healthy and fit. Of course, that's the best part of your job. But, while you're on this site, you might be looking for something a bit different. After you've gotten certified, you've started working at a small studio or gym. Unfortunately, the admin, sales, and marketing are draining your life. The rent is also too high, and going out on your own means taking on risk.

Let's say I tell you something. For starters, we're not your Fairy Godmother. We're a growing company that's ready to help spread happiness and health in the Maldives. We've been in this situation before, and we know how it feels to let your dreams die on the floor. Many talented individuals give up on their dreams of becoming a personal trainer due to the lack of support and the hustle of running a business.

You can rest assured that with the Legacy Team, you'll be able to leave all of the headaches behind. We have a team of experienced marketing and sales professionals who will help you find new clients.

The title "personal trainer" is so passé. We're simply referring to ourselves as fitness and health coaches because we believe that the industry is changing for the better. We're paving the way for a better future by helping people reach their goals.

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